Monthly Archives: February 2009

You don’t have to be a “heavy hitter” to have a successful brand personality—just look at Altoids, or Trader Joe’s. They prove that a brand personality can be a critical asset when resources are tight. When price and convenience begin to rule the marketplace, institutions blur together quickly. A brand that engages, that maintains its […]

Upon taking the lead at CEC, Gary was faced with an organization that was in trouble in a number of ways—SEC inquiries, accreditation issues, consumer litigation. “We were not as focused on quality as we should have been. You need strong programs, great outcomes for students. People come to us because they want something very […]

Some good and detailed analysis is out there, but none of it lends itself to the blurb-happy blogosphere. Take, for example, reports from the respected Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University that since 1956, in inflation-adjusted dollars, giving falls slightly in recession years—by 2.7 percent in years with eight or more recession months, and as much […]