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Forget brown paper packages tied up with string: Unbeatable usability; mobile design; portable content; and social media are a few of our “favorite things.”

We showed a large international organization how to capture and use fresh, consumer-created content—success stories from its members around the world; and we’ve helped a small advocacy group kick start a national conversation. With our help, Kent State University saw an enrollment increase in just 12 weeks, and the University of Minnesota, Morris was named one of the nation’s “coolest” colleges.

We’ve redesigned the MacArthur Foundation website twice, in 2004 and 2008. Considered a gold standard among foundation sites, it displays extensive content on grants and issues.
This re-skinned home page was part of a suite of enrollment materials that produced an impressive—no, make that astonishing—boost in enrollment: 65 percent.
In this part of our re-skinning, we refreshed the UTA admissions page by replacing the Flash presentation.
With four campuses and extensive research initiatives, the College of Medicine needed a robust network of sites. Redevelopment involved new architecture, design, content, usability testing, and technology.
Morris’ quirky personality shines through in this cost-effective re-skinning. The site, along with our suite of new enrollment publications, helped bring in Morris’ best class ever.
Morris’ new admissions subsite boldly asks, “Are you as smart as a liberal arts graduate?” We redeveloped the content and design of the subsite in collaboration with Morris staff.
We felt a little bit like Einstein when we hit on the theme for the re-skinned website: the theory of connectivity. Our version shows how Muhlenberg’s connections play out: student to student, student to faculty, passion to career.
The new admissions subsite promises that at Muhlenberg, “one of the most important things you’ll connect with is…yourself.”
In 2009, we launched a new institutional website for Trinity—new content, architecture, navigation, functionality, and design. An Ingeniux implementation, it features interactive slide shows and young alumni micro-profiles.
Spanning 202 countries, Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest volunteer service organization. The new website uses micro-stories and other interactive content to express–in 11 languages–the can-do spirit of 1.3 million Lions.
Consumer-generated content furnishes a large part of the energy on this site. Lions upload stories about their work, and these are used in a number of dramatic ways.
On this confident and engaging admissions microsite for the Archdiocese of New York, visitors can shop for schools and request information; in the background, the site collects marketing data.
Now retired, this edgy, high-impact enrollment microsite targeted bright, ambitious students looking for an urban college experience.
Connected to a regional ad campaign, AZUN’s animated landing pages use graphic novel-styled characters to help students search and register for online classes at three Arizona universities.
We used a “ripped-from-the-headlines” style on this website and other materials to get the word out about epidemiology as a career. Every year, thousands of talented high school students compete for the YES scholarship.
This Webby-winning immersive virtual tour allows students to explore the many facets of Trinity by exploring a single dorm room, and is embedded with rich media and lots of surprises.
We were the first to use a thinkmap, an interactive application that showcases connections, on a college site. Student profiles will never be the same.
This one-of-a-kind distance-learning institution needed a one-of-a-kind tool for its website. Our quiz helps students understand TESC’s terrific offer: completing your degree online.
Prospective students needed help managing the college’s complex array of distance-learning options. This handy tool prompts prospective students to apply as they estimate their tuition costs.
A public university in New Jersey, William Paterson faced declining enrollment. Our solution: a lighthearted interactive experience that leads a prospect through all the possibilities, with a customized list of URLs to mail herself at the end.



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