By any measure, we’re ahead of the class.

“How do I attract and retain best-fit students?”

“How do I help my institution thrive in the face of declining traditional student populations?”

“How do I shift gears to attract a new demographic? Adult students perhaps, or students for a satellite campus?”

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In an era of shrinking prospect pools and intensifying competition for qualified high school students, these are very good questions. The answers are specific to your institution, its brand, its traditional pool of applicants, its offerings, its capacity for change—and its vision for the future. But that’s not to say that experience with dozens of higher education and K-12 institutions doesn’t count. It does.

And Lipman Hearne has plenty of experience.

We’ve helped new programs—and new campuses—find new students. We’ve helped a public institution reverse a multi-year downward admissions spiral using a method we call AIM, or Accelerated Integrated Marketing. With our help, a small engineering school has found its voice—and hit its stride in the enrollment of talented, motivated mathletes. Our expressive materials for a Christian college touched hearts and minds across the country.


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