POSTED 11/26/2012

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) advocates open access policies for federal agencies that fund research. Lipman Hearne aimed to increase awareness of this mission during President Obama's visits to colleges and universities before the 2012 presidential election.

By placing print advertisements in key college newspapers, including Ohio State University's The Lantern, University of Colorado at Boulder's Colorado Daily, and Florida State University's FSView, among several others, we garnered attention and connected with faculty, professors, and students on campuses visited by the President during campaign stops. Additionally, email blasts were used to target campus research audiences and engage prospective influencers by championing the open access research policy.


Given the success of our efforts, both SPARC and Lipman Hearne are confident about the fate of the Open Access Research Initiative.

Visit SPARC's website and learn more about Lipman Hearne's media services.



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