POSTED 12/05/2012

Lipman Hearne client Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington ( is dedicated to facilitating high impact giving for local non-profits in the Washington, D.C. area. The Catalogue provides donors with resources to connect with community based non-profits who operate under small budgets and advocate admirable causes.

This model of non-profit giving is both visionary and innovative. The Catalogue uniquely uses a rigorous evaluation process to vet all charities that apply. Among several other criteria, applicants are scrutinized based on cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and financial transparency. A mere 74 charities were chosen for the print Catalogue this year. Each of these is non-profit with a budget below $3 million.


Lipman Hearne is proud to partner with the Catalogue to gain visibility for its endeavors and accomplishments. Since 2003, the Catalogue has raised $19 million from new donors for its featured charities. We have helped them feature these impressive results and other successes in media outlets like the Washington City Paper, Washington Business Journal, Comcast Newsmakers, and the Washington Post.

Our association with the Catalogue is deeper than a partnership. We truly believe in its mission, and we are proud to sponsor the Catalogue's annual event, Inspiration to Action 2012.

Learn more about how Lipman Hearne builds awareness for visionary organizations here.



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