When we’re not out interviewing, digging, analyzing, designing, creating, learning, presenting, and leading (all the stuff that really means good marketing) we’re thinking about how we can do all of those things even better. And a lot of that thinking lands on this page to give people like you some things to think about.

Here you’ll find select presentations made by our staff, articles written for professional journals, and Key Insights reports, Lipman Hearne's proprietary studies of issues facing nonprofit and higher education institutions.

Pay it Forward - An ROI Approach to Higher Ed Marketing

18 November 2013—President and CEO Rob Moore's presentation on ROI marketing with American University's Terry Flannery at the 2013 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

The Neglected "P" in Higher Ed Marketing: Strategic Pricing for Student Recruitment

18 November 2013—Chairman Tom Abrahamson's presentation with Southern Illinois University's Terri Harfst and Abbey Fisher at the 2013 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in Boston.

Measuring and Reporting for Performance--Building a Culture that Counts

31 July 2013—Jeremy Ryan’s presentation at the 2013 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference

Net Proceeds: Increased Revenue from Enrollment and Advancement Guaranteed!

18 July 2013—Read the introduction of Rob Moore and Tom Abrahamson's new book here.

How Branding Successfully Helped Reposition a 2-Year College to a 4-Year

18 January 2013—In 2007, Young Harris College initiated a plan to transform from a 2-Year "transition" school to a 4-Year liberal arts destination. This presentation details what made that transformation a success.

Download our groundbreaking new “Super Investigator” research

16 January 2013—

Lipman Hearne partners with Cappex.com to survey its users and gain fresh insights into how students are consuming and responding to ever-changing college marketing channels.

Association of Public & Land-grant Universities: Crisis Preparedness

14 November 2012—When crisis strikes, universities must be prepared. This presentation offers tips and suggestions for addressing these issues in a timely manner.

Best Practices in Philanthropic Communications

14 September 2011—Insights on how to use philanthropic marketing to brand your campaign, connect with donors, and build momentum.

Rethinking Restrictions: Academic protectionism is no help to any country

10 February 2011—By Ben Wildavsky – From CASE CURRENTS

How High-Achieving Seniors Choose Their College: The Four New Rules

4 November 2010—The four new rules Lipman Hearne regards as essential to understanding how high-achieving seniors approach the college decision.

Join the Party: Successful Educational Branding is a Group Effort

8 October 2010—Successful educational branding is a group effort.

The Real U: Building Brands That Resonate with Students, Faculty, Staff, and Donors

3 August 2010—Why brand? This eduWeb Conference presentation answers the question and provides examples of brands in action.

2010 Marketing Spending at Colleges and Universities

20 July 2010—Read the results of the Lipman Hearne study conducted in partnership with the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education.

2010 Marketing Spending at K-12 Institutions

20 July 2010—Read the results of the Lipman Hearne study conducted in partnership with the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education.

Office Space: The 10 Laws of Storytelling

6 April 2010—Keeping your audience's attention online could be as easy as spinning a good yarn. Andy Goodman, co-founder of The Goodman Center with Lipman Hearne, explains the ten imperatives for effective storytelling in this article.

Managing the College or University Brand: The Board's Perspective

3 February 2010—How involved should the board of trustees be in a university’s brand management? This article explores how to find the perfect balance.

The Sea of Social Media: Navigating the Digital World Using Your Strategic Plan

1 November 2009—How are Duke University, University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Miami using social media to meet their strategic goals? The key is integration.

Social Media: What Do We Know? What Should We Do?

27 October 2009—What you need to know to put social media to work for you. This CASE/New York Times Knowledge Network presentation examines how social media can impact applications and yield.

New Rules in College Choice: Findings from Lipman Hearne's National Study on High-Achieving Seniors

20 October 2009—Insights into the values and decision-making processes that guide high-achieving students’ enrollment choices.

High-Achieving Seniors and the College Decision 2009

13 October 2009—A national survey on how high-achieving seniors make their enrollment decisions—what sources of information they use, the factors considered most influential at decision time, and the economy's impact on the decision-making process.

Dialing In, Logging On, Nodding Off: The True Costs of Teleconferences, Videoconferences and Webinars

1 June 2009—Bad meetings waste time and money. This study by The Goodman Center explores the causes and cures.

Advice to Enrollment Managers and College Marketers: It's More Than Yield

1 May 2009—In the future, enrollment managers will increase their focus on improving conversion from prospects to applicants. This article explores the implications.

The Rules Have Changed: How the Parent-Student Team Picks the Perfect College

1 May 2009—As parents have become more influential in children’s college choices, it has become important for colleges and universities to anticipate and meet their needs. This study offers insights and best practices.

Research for PR and Advocacy

3 March 2009—These three principles of research will help your institution command attention and trust in the media marketplace.

How Much and By When? Essentials of ROI-Driven Enrollment Marketing

12 November 2008—What you need to know to reach optimal enrollment, effect a turnaround, enhance retention, and launch new programs or campuses. This presentation explores the issues and opportunities.

The State of Nonprofit Marketing: A Report on Priorities, Spending, Measurement, and the Challenges Ahead

1 July 2008—A report co-authored with the American Marketing Association on how nonprofits are managing and marketing their organizations.

Developing a Brand Strategy

20 February 2008—What a brand strategy is, what it isn’t, and six steps to developing a brand for your institution.

Ten Lessons for Communicating Through a Crisis

10 February 2008—First, prepare as if your future depends on it—because it does.

Brand Opening

1 April 2007—How to turn a campaign into an opportunity to define, position, and enhance your institution’s brand.

Marketing Spending at Colleges and Universities

1 April 2007—A report co-authored with the Council for the Advancement of Education on how marketing is most effectively used to build enrollment and support.

High-Achieving Seniors and the College Decision 2006

1 April 2006—This 2006 landmark study finds that talented college-bound teens look for a rigorous academic environment and more.