Introducing one resource we will never exhaust: us.

We are seasoned professionals with decades of service in both public and private sectors. We’ve come to Lipman Hearne from the worlds of education, consumer advertising, philanthropy, and beyond. We are authors and poets (10 of us), nonprofit board members (22), and professionals with Fortune 500 company brand experience (22). We also count five former professors, five MBAs, countless digital natives, a US patent holder, and a former Teamster among us.


<strong>University of Texas at Arlington:</strong> Rob Moore and Sara Stern demonstrate their telescopic vision at University of Texas at Arlington.<strong>Dhahran, Saudi Arabia:</strong> Rob Moore tours the campus of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals while meeting with our client Mohammad Al-Shehri.<strong>Niagara Falls:</strong> Colleen O’Grady and Sara Stern having a barrel of fun in upstate New York.<strong>University of Arizona:</strong> Sara Stern and Rob Moore among the saguaro with Jim Moore, president of the University of Arizona Foundation.<strong>University of Miami:</strong> Sara Stern with our client Naomi Nixon, by the salt water tank at University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, which houses 400,000 specimens of invertebrate tropical marine life.
Where in the world is LipmanHearne?


Truly, we are an eclectic mix. But we share a number of qualities:

  • An unfailing passion for the work you do, which makes us good partners
  • A relentless (some say obsessive) curiosity, which drives our research, our analysis, our creativity
  • A love for the work we do, which makes for some happy success stories

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