When super heroes hear about our teams, they’re jealous.

At Lipman Hearne, new expertise—and unscheduled creativity, and unexpected options, and unanticipated insights—are always within reach.  

That’s because there are over 60 of us working in teams and across teams, proposing, brainstorming, interpreting, analyzing, sharing, supporting one another, and pushing your project to its best conclusion.  

Even if your project formally involves only one group—say, Digital Services, Media Services or Research and Consulting—it’s likely it will benefit from years of cross-disciplinary collaboration. So browse our teams. Tour our curated portfolios (which, after all, represent some of our greatest collaborative moments). And remember to check out what we’re writing about.

Our Teams

Business Development

An ever-present link to new opportunities—for our clients and ourselves.

Creative Services

Media-neutral, mission-mad, and, well, creative.

Digital Services

Digital compulsives, dreamers, and architects connecting you to what sizzles online.

Media Services

Choosing the best and most effective media channels for our clients.

Research and Consulting

Ready to investigate just about anything—even what’s on the minds of talented teens.

Support Services

Providing essential focus and organization for all things Lipman Hearne.