Suzanne Grigalunas
Enrollment Marketing Strategist

3 Steps to Quickly Gather Assets for Content Marketing

Your student population is your greatest asset

Yield season might seem like a daunting time to take on a new marketing initiative – but the clock is also ticking on another important group – your current students who are on campus right now.   We are a mere two months away from summer break, and all over campus, there are amazing stories to tell and lots of happy students.  Make sure to have your plan in place for capturing it all for next year’s materials.

One of the most common mistakes we see are images of empty campuses and classrooms, and out of date technology. Now is your time to make sure that you have everything you need to convey the vibrancy of your campus.

1.) Make a plan

Before you run around campus frantically looking for images and stories, be clear on what are you trying to accomplish.  Maybe your institution is trying to attract more out-of-state applicants, or highlight a specific program, or perhaps you have some content gaps that you’d like to fill.

To get started, carve out some time to:

  • Conduct a quick inventory of your current marketing assets. Where are there gaps? Are your current assets aligned with your strategic goals and audiences? Look for things like images of out of date technology, or student testimonials. You may already have a sense of these things but taking a step back to look at your entire suite can be quite clarifying.
  • Work with your admissions team to understand which audience segments or programs they will prioritize next year so you can reach out to current students with a shared profile.
  • Determine how the content will be used. Capturing a bunch of low-resolution images, or short videos of students talking about how much they love the business program at your school would work great in a small, digital format. But if your real gap is facilities or popular hangout spaces with no students, you may need to bring in a professional photographer.

2.) Get out there and capture content

This might be easier said than done, but once you have your strategic objectives, start with your student life office. They can help connect you to student clubs and organizations. We all know the power of pizza, so consider throwing a party where students come to have their portraits taken or set up a photobooth for more casual images.

You can also solicit image and video submissions by students – using a good old-fashioned hashtag campaign to index. Just be clear on exactly what you are looking for and how it will be used.

3.) Surface their stories

It’s easy to forget that social media platforms are a great venue for pushing out your own content but it’s also a great place to pull it in. People love sharing their own experiences and taking polls.  When was the last time you posed questions to your current students? Like, tell us the best thing about your major? What is your favorite place on campus? Who is your favorite person on campus?  What was the best part about going to college far from home? They love to talk – these Gen Z students are natural content producers.  Re-package what you learn into your communications flow and marketing materials. You can weave authenticity and student voice into your strategy and deepen the connection students feel towards your community.

The authentic voices, stories, and images of your students are your greatest marketing asset. Prioritizing fresh, vibrant student-centered content will open the door to deeper emotional connection with your prospective students.

A good marketing plan boils down to strategy, resources, and execution. If you’re in need of help in any of these areas, let’s connect!