Stephanie Pursley

Advertising on Quibi: What You Need To Know

Is This New Streaming Platform Right for Higher Ed?

In the world of video marketing, most advertisers are following one guideline: the shorter, the better.

When you consider the massive popularity of video-sharing platforms like YouTube or TikTok among younger users, this gravitation toward bite-sized content makes a lot of sense. A new streaming platform has now based its entire business model on that premise.

Welcome to Quibi.

Introducing Quibi

The highly anticipated April 6th release of Quibi is the first of it’s kind from former Disney and DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg. The mobile-only streaming app is staged to offer movies, unscripted series, documentaries, news, and lifestyle content.

Here’s the twist: all content on this app will be roughly seven to ten minutes long. The name “Quibi”, short for “quick bites”, reflects users ability to stream movies broken into chapters, or to watch entire “episodes” start-to-finish while waiting in line for their morning latte.

There are plenty of reasons the market has been watching Quibi with interest. For one, several major celebrities have signed on to produce content. Twitter icon Chrissy Teigan, action star Keifer Sutherland, and America’s (Alabama’s?) Sweetheart Reese Withersoon are all headlining contributors. Secondly, but not any less noteworthy, the advertising opportunities on the platform could be a powerful way to reach today’s increasingly streaming-savvy prospects.

The Lowdown for Higher Ed

In a world where institutional identity is more important than ever, and when sense of place must go digital, buying ad space in popular mobile apps could be a very useful marketing tool for your college or university- if executed properly. Here are a few points Lipman Hearne is advising our higher education clients to keep in mind when advertising on Quibi.

  1. Share your larger story

Quibi will be a good platform for high-funnel tactics, based on the programmatic targeting we expect the app will provide. For that reason, ads on this platform will be most effective if you use them to boost awareness and convey a broader sense of your institutional identity. If your ad tells a memorable story that cuts to the heart of who you are, you’ll make a meaningful impression on viewers—and increase their recall level the next time they encounter your name.

  1. Remember production values

Bite-sized videos might bring to mind user-generated content, but that’s not what you’ll find on Quibi. The content will be of the same caliber as major TV and film studios, which means that to make a good impression, your advertising should be studio-quality too. For many higher ed institutions, producing ads like this might be a stretch of your resources, but it’s definitely worth thinking seriously about how your ad will look in context.

  1. Nurture your community

As with any digital platform, Quibi can be a great place to build an online community. By tailoring your message to your future students engaging with Quibi, you can curate a lifestyle experience that integrates naturally with the content users are watching—making your institution one they can easily identify with.

Has your team considered buying ads on Quibi? What opportunities are you curious about? Drop me a note at spursley@lipmanhearne.com to let me know—I’d love to chat about it with you!