Suzanne Grigalunas
Enrollment Marketing Strategist

Diagnosis: TLDR

Are your marketing emails too long?

Have you ever heard the phrase TLDR? If you aren’t hip to the lingo, TLDR stands for “Too Long Didn’t Read”. It’s kind of like getting stuck in a conversation with someone who rambles on and on with no direction – but in an email. TLDR refers to a wall of text so overwhelming that you either abandon the email or post immediately or you give up reading it part way through.

TLDR is a big marketing problem for lots of colleges and universities – it’s one of the most common mistakes I see – and I’ve reviewed my fair share of email flows. And it matters because emails are an important part of your marketing mix.  Study after study tells us that it remains the preferred communication method for prospective students.  Emails are essential tools that prompt prospects to e through the many steps of their college search.  And, oftentimes among the overwhelming wall of words is a call to action buried. But, none of that matters, because the chances are good the recipient “DR” it.

Solving your TLDR problem starts with thinking about your audience – who you are talking to, what do they need, and what do you want them to do next? Make sure that the things they need to hear and see are organized concise and relevant, not just an information dump. After all, effective marketing isn’t about imparting information, it’s about communicating and connecting.

A good email is short, engaging (dare I say enjoyable!) to read, focused on the reader.  Maybe it even has some easily digestible facts or infographics and offers a clear path to the next step.

So, take look at your own email campaigns – do they hit all those marks?

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