Kevin Lyons
Research Supervisor

Discovering Enrollment Trends through IPEDS

Customize and Access Data Quick and Easy

The US Department of Education collects rich data on higher education enrollments and makes them available through its Integrated Post-secondary Data System (IPEDS) Data Center.

IPEDS collects data on post-secondary education in the United States in seven areas:

  1. institutional characteristics
  2. institutional prices
  3. enrollment
  4. student financial aid
  5. degrees and certificates conferred
  6. student persistence and success
  7. institutional human and fiscal resources.

The Data Center allows users to retrieve the statistics, including, among other things, the ability to retrieve data on a single institution, compare institutions on a single variable, and view trends over time on a single variable. It’s an amazing resource for the industry.

While the Data Center interface is easy to use, Lipman Hearne has created a time-saving enrollment trend dashboard from the IPEDS dataset, for use in our work that we’d like to share with others. It is hosted on Tableau and shows applied, admitted, and enrolled students, as well as enrollment yield, between 2006 and 2013. To access the tool  below, simply click on the bar atop of the line charts, select the college or university of interest, and the line charts will dynamically adjust to show you the trends.

Feel free to use (or just play around with) the tool as much as you’d like – it’s free and you can’t break it. Please Note that this tool is hosted on Tableau Public, which is optimized for desktop and laptop computers. Tablet and smartphone users may see an “unexpected error” message as a result.