Suzanne Grigalunas
Enrollment Marketing Specialist

Optimize Your Enrollment Funnel

And let us do the heavy lifting

Your recruiters are planning regional road trips. Admission applications are starting to trickle in. Your campus visit schedule is filling up. And your CRM is deploying countless communications. That’s right, recruitment season is here.

As you are managing the infinite details that fuel a successful recruitment strategy, remember that the beginning of recruitment season is the ideal time to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Lipman Hearne created our free Enrollment Funnel Calculator to remove the heavy lift of breaking down your data and to give you unprecedented insight into how your institution stacks up against national benchmarks.  Whether your institution is public or private, and whether you serve undergraduate or graduate students, Lipman Hearne’s Funnel Calculator will help you understand the effectiveness of your enrollment marketing strategy in a whole new way.

The beginning of the season is the best time to hone in on areas of the funnel that would benefit from additional attention. The Funnel Calculator uses national benchmark comparisons to provide specific strategies for optimizing your recruitment marketing at every stage of your funnel.

We also know that just having the insights isn’t always enough. Communicating your insights back to key stakeholders and decision makers is a big part of the equation.  That’s why our Funnel Calculator generates a simple, beautiful report that makes it easy to visualize your data and share it with others.

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