Minesh Parikh
Chief Executive Officer

In Solidarity And With Commitment

A Statement from Lipman Hearne CEO Minesh Parikh

Like many of you, I continue to go through a range of emotions—grief, anger, disgust, frustration—at the fact that we as a nation have yet to meaningfully address systemic racism. What will it take for us to change the attitudinal and structural discrimination that persists in our country?

Lipman Hearne mourns the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all the other black lives that have been taken as a result of police brutality and societal racism. We support all who are actively and peacefully demonstrating to make our country a better, safer, and more equitable one for black and brown people. And we know that now is the time for our government to make meaningful, intentional change—in our policies, in our policing, and more.

But we all can do more, each and every one of us, to help create the change we want to see.

Let’s start in our homes by having honest conversations with our children, partners, and loved ones about what’s happening right now, about racial bias and the root causes of systemic racism, and about what we can do to overcome it.

Let’s look at how we do business, and how racism is addressed within our companies and organizations. As a company, we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that our behavior and our work consistently reflect the values of racial equity that are important to all who work here, and all who work with us. And we equally reaffirm our commitment to owning up when we fall short, and doing the work to improve.

And let’s look at how we support cause-based institutions. I believe it’s our duty to support and amplify voices that are leading the charge for systemic change. I’ve asked our staff to help identify a local organization that we can support through our services or by volunteering our time, so our agency can become more personally engaged in making a difference.

This work is important and necessary if we, individually and collectively, are going to strengthen our democracy and become a more just society. We encourage you to both watch us and join us in the effort.