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Mining an Untapped Prospect Pool

A deep dive into the fastest-growing segment in higher education: Latinx Learners. What do we really know about Latinx students—the …

Thought Leadership

The Intersection of Pride and Juneteenth

Image of a Pride flag with BLM fist in the center.

June is a month for social and civic transformation. The summer after the largest protest demonstrations in U.S. history Congress …

Pandemic Summer Melt 2.0

COVID-19 continues to impact summer melt—maybe this year more than ever. While there is much hopeful news about the state …

How To Help More Students Choose You

A campaign idea to help boost yield. Decision days are approaching fast, and every college enrollment professional knows what that …

Giving in the Era of COVID‑19

How our impulse to give has, and hasn’t, changed. For the past year, the Lipman Hearne team—like many teams—has pivoted …

Improving WordPress Search with Algolia

Instant search results on the letters "AERO"

WordPress comes with search functionality bundled into its core software. For many sites, this does everything you need it to …

Mining an Untapped Prospect Pool

Recruiting LatinX Learners

A deep dive into the fastest-growing segment in higher education: Latinx Learners. What do we really know about Latinx students—the …

Talking About a Revolution

Black woman, masked, in front of a colorful mural. Overlay text says We rise together for an equitable and just recovery.

On October 8—the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire, The Chicago Community Trust—Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and Chicago businesses and …

Inspirational Improvisations in the Era of COVID‑19

In the era of COVID-19, we’ve all watched the landscape we work in change overnight—and then change again. March 2020 …

Planning to Pivot

Successful university communication offices have always been well-oiled machines. They move against predictable patterns and rely on time-proven expectations. They …

How Social Listening Tools Can Improve Your Overall Marketing Strategy

In our digital world, social strategy should be at the forefront of your marketing team’s minds. The importance of all …

Proprietary Research

There are 95 million potential adult learners in the U.S. Reach these nontraditional students with four personas developed by Lipman Hearne.

Recruiting Adult Learners

A new billionaire is created every other day. Many are inclined to give, but how do they decide?

Megadonor Archetypes

We partnered with Univision in a groundbreaking study of major pathways taken by Latinx learners.

Recruiting Latinx Learners