Thomas Abrahamson
Executive Counsel

What Can You Learn about Marketing from 2,300+ New Freshmen?

Use Our Free Interactive Tool to Discover Why Your College Freshmen Chose You.

What influences students the most during their college decision? This post features a series of customizable research tools you can use to explore this and other questions.

The sophisticated data tool (from a first-ever research survey conducted in October 2013 by Lipman Hearne) allows you to explore the top 10 drivers and information sources that influenced 2,348 students’ enrollment decisions.  You can compare two sets of criteria filtered by institutional name, characteristics, and student demographics.

So go ahead.  Play around. You can’t break it. Compare your school to peers and aspirants. Share your findings with friends and colleagues.

When you submit this form you’ll be redirected to http://super-investigators.lipmanhearne.com. You’ll be able to go there directly after that (provided you don’t delete your cookies) so be sure to bookmark the page.