Suzanne Grigalunas
Enrollment Marketing Specialist

What Does COVID-19 Mean for College Enrollment?

Parent Concerns About Cost

The COVID-19 crisis has rapidly changed the college decision-making process for families across the country.

Parents of high school seniors are continuing to grapple with a very different college admissions landscape than they were just a few weeks ago. Planning campus visits, assessing tuition costs, and deciding whether college in the fall will even be an option are all topics that require a new set of calculations.

The question of fall tuition costs, and what parents will be willing to pay for a semester of online classes instead of the traditional in-person experience, have been particularly concerning to many institutions.

Lipman Hearne has conducted two waves of research surveying parents of college-bound high school seniors during the Coronavirus crisis. In our second wave we took extra time to probe on their financial and “distance from home” concerns.

We’ve created a new research report to share those findings: College Enrollment During COVID-19: What Parents Are Think About Cost, Location, and Online Learning. This report expands on the information shared in our recent webinar, which is also available for you. Both provide essential information for everyone concerned about yields and fall enrollment during the current crisis.

You can fill out the form below to download your copy of the report, or to view the webinar.

Once you’ve taken a look, I’d be happy to discuss our findings with you. Reach out to me at sgrigalunas@lipmanhearne.com, and we can chat about what a plan of action might look like for your institution.