Screenshot of the valpo dot edu website, showing the home page.
Bragging Rights.
Valparaiso University:
Research, branding, website, print
Text: It's amazing to be needed. A black woman in nurse's scrubs and a colorful head scarf.
This One’s From the Heart.
Resurrection University (now Oak Point University):
Branding, ad campaign, media buy
Man-bull sculpture from Persepolis, circa 486-465BCE, with
Humans, Together.
The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago:
Branding, visual identity, centennial creative concepts
Baseball players practicing against a yellow-purple sky.
Next Is Now.
University of New Orleans:
Research, branding, enrollment communications
The Bridgewater College logo.
The Power of Connections.
Bridgewater College:
Branding, communications portfolio, website