Case study title: Generosity Goes WideCovid_GenerosityGoesWide

Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund

We are honored to join forces with The Chicago Community Trust and the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago in a major rollout campaign for the Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund. This unprecedented philanthropic effort supports the nonprofits and community groups providing food, housing, and financial assistance to people in crisis throughout the region.

Getting into market fast was a must: Chicago is one of the pandemic’s hot spots, and the need continues to grow every day. We also had to develop a fast pivot to digital and social channels, reflecting audiences’ rapidly changing media habits.

Our solution is easy to use, intuitive, and has a wide range of applications. It’s a digital toolkit built around a tagline/hashtag we created:


The toolkit’s messaging and templates empower communicators—all of whom are working remotely—to share stories of impact, reinforce a message of coordination, thank donors, and let every neighbor see what a powerful difference they can make.